Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Mortuary

A place many urban explorers tried to find but only a few succeeded. Most of them walked past it on their efforts to gain access to the main building. My self I never found out it's where abouts till I was allowed to take photos with my Colleague Nigel about a year into our project.
The place has now been converted so I feel I can now show the photo's of the Morgue.

So here it is when I first saw it in June 2011. The number of times I walked past this place as I kid and never realised what it was.

Chapel of rest


We found it with this half coffin which was most likely used for displaying the diciest for relatives. The leaves came in from a hole in the roof.

This flower display is on one of the shelves used to lay bodies on before the use of fridges

These are the shelves where bodies would have laid, at the end the wood blocks for the neck

View along one of the shelves

One of the wood blocks

The fridge which could hold three bodies. The box trolley was used to move the diciest  from the wards to the Morgue. I know one village lads who worked at the hospital as a porter got in it and frightened the staff when they opened it. It nearly cost him his job. It also happened to a poor yung chippie working on the site here a while after I took the photos

Through this door is were the autopsy table was
Wonder how many people this saw

Gave me the creeps I must say

Can't get better that that


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  1. Wow, this is absolutely fascinating !!!!! what has it been converted into by the way?