Monday, 29 September 2014

Back to the Begining

This blog came out from some of old photos I had which belonged to my parents and over the last three and a half years I have gone round the place they worked taking photos of the building and how it has changed. In this blog I will try and show some of the changes which have taken place.
This was the font of the hospital back in 2008 a few years before I started recording the place.
And this is the place now looking better that ever.
 Back in 2008 this was the Newlands Ward or the Villa as I remember it.

Now the area looks like this the old buildings demolished and new ones built to replace them
Another part that went through some changes was the George Schuster, in 2008 looked like this
 Now it is a lot different

These next three areas are very close to each other


 A new entrance has now been made and the corridor replaced

This 60's extension used to hold a good lift

Now its gone  and a new entrance is in it's place

being in the old kitchen goods in area 

Now the area has a new entrance

This was the kitchen when I first got to visit

Now the whole scene has changed

This was the entrance to the airing courts by Faringdon ward

The entrance now has taken on a different more welcoming look.

Under the old water tower  at the front of the building you would have seen this back in 2010.

Now the place is transformed

This was the old superintendents house that was built near the chapel

The block of flats in the distance in Villa Close is where it used to be.

 This was the old Laundry

No brand new houses are in its place
 This is one of the horrible extensions which was put on the building
Now it looks a lot nicer

You can see the building again
 The hall looked it a terrible state

 Now it looks a lot nicer, I'' leave it at that for now but will add some more photos at a later date


  1. It's interesting to watch the changes.

  2. Great to follow the changes

  3. I am amaze by the way how things change...thanks for sharing!