Thursday, 25 February 2016

The OT (Occupational Therapy)

Stands for Occupational Therapy and patients were given this to try to stimulate their minds. I have no doubt that working on the farm  was how the Victorians used to do this as back then the place was self supporting. In my parents time not only was there the farm but also a building where they used to do various crafts.

This is the only photo I have of the original building which is on the left, it was taken around 1951.The original building was demolished before the hospital closed and by then the OT had moved to a new purpose built place that my Father worked

 Some of the male patients in the OT, Hermitage ward and veranda can be seen off to the right

Group photo of the staff taken near the OT which would have been on the right . My Uncle Ken is in the photo

This all that was left of the place when I visited back in 2008, only thing you could see was the sink stand. The OT was in a building in the distance.

Which looked like this in 2008

Inside it was very grim with the roof leaking and water everywhere.

The partitions and work bench's in place

This was left hanging on the wall

A few items remained to show what had been done in the place and that it was once used.
The corridors were left dark foreboding  and dangerous, I was glad to get out

The OT taken in September 2012, I used this for a reference point in a few photo's

November the place still stood though things did not look good for the place

December and the place had gone, for some reason I missed this happening and all that was left was a big pile of rubble. The memory of the place and the people who worked there had gone but hopefully not forgotten.

a couple of weeks later and all was at a standstill

rubble from the building waiting to be recycled

Into the new year and the place was no used as storage for the recycled material a lot of which was used to build an access road

because the main one had been dug up for drainage work

this is how it stayed for all of 2011

though the access road had been reinstated

Looking down at the site from the roof in 2011

At some time the recycled material was removed

and some building work started with the footings  going in

With the winter weather the area turned in to a quagmire

but work went on

towards the end of 2012 building started to appear

and were the OT used to be a new one arose

The sign was not there but I still had a reference with the wall to go by

nearing the end of 2012 the buildings were finished

and it was not long before people moved in

Today it looks like this with a new community of people living and working on the site of the old OT building. 

 The new houseing on the last OT building


  1. What a fascinating piece of history

  2. Absolutely absorbing post Bill. I love to see photos of old buildings and the stories they have to tell. This was a sad tale, as I always feel sad when buildings are brought down, but thankfully the story has a happy ending. It hasn't just been cleared or left to ruin.
    Thanks so much for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend.