Sunday, 6 December 2015

The Rotherfield

The story starts with this photo I came across of my dad who is the guy on the left. The ward did not seem to fit in with any others I had seen of the main hospital.

I remembered he worked in the Rotherfield at one time but it was along time ago, I began to wonder if the photo was taken at another hospital.

This photo is of a Mr Zeto Renato who used to work at Fairmile, in the background you can see the Rotherfield, the second which is also from the Rotherfield looking towards the garden in front.

These two photos of my dad and his fiend Idwel John were taken outside the Rotherfield on a cold frame in the garden.

The same area just before demolition, the windows have been enlarged to allow more light in

The Rotherfield  in the winter probably sometime in the 1950's

Come 2008 the place looked very different with the old gardens gone and looking very overgrown. Before the place was demolished I had the chance to look round inside the building and during this was able to confirm it was the place where the photo of my father had been taken.

This was one of the wards though now partitioned off

Walls had been built

 The odd mural painted, think Dad would have appreciated this one

One of the wards was here but now made into smaller rooms It was while I was here

I  looking up through a hatch in the false ceiling I noticed these rods it confirmed what I thought because in the first photo you can see the rods

A month or so later in Feb 2011 demolition started

 A week later it was just a pile of rubble waiting the crusher 

Apart from being used as a recycling area nothing happened to the site for a couple of years

Then towards the end of 2013 they started building on the old Rotherfield site

Early 2014 the buildings were up to the first floor

Come June 2014 people were moving in to the new houses 

 By September people lived in the new houses the only reminder was the road the passes is called Rotherfield Road

One last thing a close was named Nicolls Close (should have been Nicholls but for a council mess up) the houses are where the old Rotherfield Ward was where Dad worked. The close is also on the old access road to the ward. Made me smile and I wonder what Dad would have thought about it


This QR code was placed on the sign and explanes the story behind the name

 The old road leadint to the Rotherfield

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