Sunday, 8 March 2015

The Laundry & Stores

The Laundry and Stores were both linked even though they started as separate places but I will start with the Laundry which used to have a lot of people working from the village and surrounding areas.

The original Laundry from what I can tell you is around where I have circled not far from where the 1960's kitchen was built. In the 1960's a new one was built with all the latest equipment to wash laundry from the hospital.

 This was how the building  looked back in 2009, the laundry is the building with the vents behind the stores.

 Inside had been cleared of all machines

 Plant life grew on the walls

The area where the Laundry was built is near the old farm and  incorporated  another building which was built in the 1950s, the Stores

The photo shows what was labeled as the stores and had a staff of it's own. The two vans are the site runarounds, one was and electric van the other looks like the laundry van. In the background you can clearly see the farm which by the 1970's could not be seen from this point.

     The photo here was taken to the right of the white van in the building photo.

This is the stores in 2009 ,  to the left is the covered loading area and ramp, the laundry is behind and has the big roof vents for the steam and ventilation. The original stores you saw in the photo was burned down a few years after it was built being replaced by the one above
This is part of the stores area back in 2009 where you are looking out to the loading area through one of the large doors.
Part of the stores with the store mans office
The stores admin office

The loading dock and ramp in 2009

Below are some older photo's of local people who worked at the Laundry though the two guy's Sid Patrick & Abbey Ruttle worked in the laundry as well

The laundry must have been  a good place to work for may people who lived in the village and from the look some fun was had though the couple on the left were inseparable and lived together in the village till they both passed away .


The Lady here is Doris Marshall on her retirement by the look of things she is also sat next to her sister Rose in the second photo.

This is the Laundry in Sep 2010 large braithwaite tank is to supply water for the machines not sure what the green one is but could be a softener as the water in the area is hard.

In 2010 the Laundry building itself was looking rather sad and very dilapidated.

The grass was growing well though.

But then the machines moved in and all the grass became ripped up and rubble dumped on the area.The stores was the first building to go.

Starting with the office block in front.

The Laundry office section was demolished next.

Though an entrance survived for a while

The main building awaited it's fate

but soon the the 360's started their work taking it down bit by bit,

sweeping up as it went.

Just before Christmas all that was left were walls

And then it was just a pile of rubble being fed in the crusher for hardcore.

Not long after the site was cleared and a temporary road put in.

But once the road had been re-laid the build was under way.

and footings started. That I am afraid is where I sot for now as work stopped while the build on other parts of the side were completed.  I will update when I have more photo's of the new housing. I would like to think the Laundry & stores will not be forgotten but many people will be sad to see it's passing.

Taken around a year after the first footing were laid the housing started to go up

Scaffolding going up on one of the buildings

This is the road that  too you past the old laundry & stores to the OT dept

This is about where the laundry used to be

Think you would have been looking at the water tank around this point

Looking towards the farm weeks later

The final touches on the houses which are ready to move into 

The finished houses as they are today.


  1. This building was a unique special place. Its secrets have well and truly turned to dust. It may not look like much now but during its heyday the place obviously was full of life, laughter and hard work.

  2. What a brilliant story. So wonderful that you have taken pictures to let us see the changes.