Friday, 12 April 2013

The Farm

The farm was built to not only to help make the Hospital self significant in feeding the patients, it also served towards their treatment  in giving them a purpose and work to do.
They used to keep a dairy herd for milk which used to graze down by the river. They also kept pigs and had and orchard along with allotments for vegetables.

 If you look at his photo you can see over to the right what looks like an orchard and garden.

This picture of the Rotherfield shows areas which have been cultivated.

This one shows it was an orchard as well.

In 2008 this is what that area looked like devoid of anything apart from grass.

and this is the area to the right in the first photo back in 2008.

Unfortunately I have no photo's of the farm from early in the 19century so can only show you what I saw in 2008.

These were the pigsties  though I would think the corrugated buildings behind are a later addition.

This is looking towards the stables and yards with storage for fodder and grain.

Same area in 2010, note the bricked up door in the stable block.

 This area is what I called the stable yard it will be retained but at present it's use is unknown. I managed to get inside for a quick look 

The area had been used as storage and the stables gone

 The joists and floor were in great condition

There were the remains of a huge wasp nest in one corner

Upstairs was another floor with more storage
The area of another wing waiting for it's future

Looking at the pigsties you can see the troughs were fed from hoppers on the outside.

Swill would have been poured in the opening on the left and it would have run along the trough on the right.

Inside the pigsty gained a roof at sometime for calves or cattle to go in.

These bars kept something large behind like a bull.

Inside the pen the bull had this shelter, not sure about the table though.

These buildings near by looked like part of the old farm building though there use may have been nurses accommodation and later as office use

These are more buildings which look like they could have been stables  or similar.

Round the other side of some of the buildings were these pens that had been converted for another use. The boarded up doors still lead into them.

More pens with the use changed, over the right out of sight the pens had been demolished.

Months later the buildings were getting demolished

with machines making short work of it.

The pigsty's had been demolished  no pigs would be fed in them again.

The Rotherfield was not exempt either and the beginning of Jan 2011 was well on the way to being demolished the gardens that were here now churned up mud.

By February all trace of the farm apart from the stables was gone.

The Rotherfield a pile of Rubble.

In 2013 a new building started to rise where the Rotherfield used to be.

The farm are also had a building rising where the old buildings used to be.

    By the end of 2013 the building work on the residential properties will be finished The Stables and store still wait restoration work

The present day the buildings beside Ratcliffe way are now fenced off

The animal pens and sheds are now just a memory,

No more work apart from re-roofing has been done to the feed store

The buildings that once were here have been replaced by bin storage and an access road called Woodward, no doubt the lady who it is called after walked here in the past

The courtyard has been cleaned  up but is used for storage

The road to the staples is used for access to a carpark 

The fenced off courtyard 

Flats stand on the old pens and buildings that once stood here ghosts of the past.
The old storage building await planning and conversion to what ever they will be used for, I will update the blog when they do .


  1. I hope the rebuilding will be a sensitive building fitting into the local area and not a blight on the landscape.

  2. must have been something when it was first built! love the orchard idea..

  3. Glad you were able to capture some of these bits of history before they were gone forever.