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Linden Homes & Thomas Homes

I really can't go much further in the blog with out saying a bit on Linden Homes & Thomas Homes who were so helpful in letting me have access to the site.

Back in 2010 I noticed that more activity had been going on around Fairmile Hospital, rumour had it that work would soon be started on the derelict site. I had been wanting to go and get photo’s of the place for quite a while but did to want to go climbing fences to gain access (I’d missed my chance when it shut) so I emailed the owners of the site only to get the usual fobbing off, then one day I noticed things were happening round the place and popped up to see if I could find some one to talk with. As luck would have I saw Simon Pendleton from Linden and he seemed hopeful it could happen. He also told me Thomas Homes were going to be working on the main building. A quick look on the Internet and I found Thomas homes and emailed Hugh Thomas the MD and arranged a meeting. Hugh was very interested in what I wanted to do and gave permission for my project. I had to see Nick Monigue who was his site manager who gave me a health and safety talk.
I enlisted the help of Nigel Peterson to help with recording the building and we started in September 2010.

This was how the site looked the day I arrived to record the building with security fencing surrounding it.

The main building looking across the tennis courts.

Within a couple of months the Linden Project office was built

and round the other side of the site offices and welfare units were put in place

Thomas homes had their own units as well. I used to phone up and let Nick at Thomas Homes or Saran or Jason know I'd be coming up on site. Usually I'd be told where it was safe and what to watch out for.

 Just along in the contractor carpark was the Fairmile Cafe where all the contractors could get a hot meal at lunchtime, more than once I saw Jason tucking into a bacon sandwich.

These two have been at the center of the action from the start.

Brickies hard at work on the Schuster Houses.

The managers making sure the work was correct

The sales team were never far away.

 They had a show home to organise  to sell the houses that were being built.
 Welcome To Cholsey Meadows

and welcome to the show home.

Thomas homes seemed to be a little behind in their work but the task they had was greater in that they were converting the old hospital building into housing.

This meant demolishing some parts

 Taking out the flooring for new footings to the extent of bring in mini diggers to do the work like this work in the old Farringdon ward.

The Didcot ward extension was demolished

along with the kitchen opening up even more space.

Faringdon ward in a stripped down state as they started the work laying new joists and waste pipes.

At the front of the building a slab apeared.

Then  a building started to go up

and soon Thomas Homes had it's sales office

Complete with drive flags and a hording to hide the building while the work went on.

Faringdon ward took on a new look

As the new Show Home

 Linden were also building a new sales and marketing suite

The steel part was to support the building

The building being fitted out

Just after being opened

The new sales and marketing suit
The approach road to the sales site.

Thomas Homes were also on the move 

The Ipsten Ward site was nearly ready for furnishing.

All the wood had been replaced on the walls

The place looked different when furnished

feeling more like a home than an old hospital ward
No longer looking drab and dismal

The Linden team outside the newly finished SOHA housing
The next stage is on the way to being built.

Looking down the next phase of the linden homes site.

Weeks later and the houses are  looking like they should be.

Work on the main building goes on at a pace

With the last part Hemitage ward now being started.

And round the back where the old Didcot ward was is now nearing completion.

By the end of the year all the site will be getting worked on and the Linden homes side should be nearing completion as will be the main building.The hall should also be open by then  and I would think that half the site will have people living in it. Fairmile is becoming a community again.

2014 the entrance to the hall looked like this

The Didcot ward lawn now


And around the back of the boilerhouse


The old acess road to the Sales Offfice has gone and now a footpathand parkland have taken it's place

Natural artwork replaced the storage area and site offices that were nearby

The last pase of the houseing was finished in 2015 and the site offices mooves out and the area landscaped.

In 2015 the front of the building looked like this the sales office on the left now gone Fairmile had entered a new phase of life

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  1. what an amazing transformation! wow!! good luck to Fairmile!