Friday, 21 December 2012

The Chapel

The Fairmile Chapel

The chapel was where patents and staff could go and worship and no doubt back when the place was first built you had to go to for Sunday worship as part of the job. No doubt part of the Victorian thinking was to healing that going to church  was for the good of your soul. One side chapel was consecrated as Catholic sometime in the 1950s before that they used a building nearby. This photo of my Mother and friend was taken outside the chapel 

 It seemed a popular place to have a photo taken 

The Chapel would have been used for the salvation of the people who worked there and some of the patients who were able to go. From what I could see the place was not used that much and I think in the end the catholic  priest was the only one who had any service there though even that went out the window and he used one of the old rooms in the admin block.

This is looking down the nave to the chancel, over to the left is the catholic chapel and the right the organ.

The organ which I might add did work as it was played at Sunday mass by some one who could play it.

I think this switch panel is great

You can just Imagen a Victorian pastor preaching fire and brimstone at the  congregation below.
I can see the congregation transfixed as the pastor preaches here.

 Hymn books and kneeler's were still on the pew's where they were left, even the last hymn number was there.

Vase's and prayerbook on the window sill

The saddest part I found was this
Some scanky little chav had ripped off the door from the Tabernacle in the catholic chapel thinking it might hold something valuable, I think he came away disappointed.
The chapels future is open to debate at the moment as it still has to be converted into community use. Sadly the organ has been been removed and the worse thing for me was I never managed to get back for more photo's of it. The building itself will be retained but not as a place of worship.

Returning to the first two old photo's, they were taken here. What had thrown me was the  second photo had a down pipe which I could not see on the building when I looked again at this point and found it had been removed.

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