Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Kitchen and Staff Canteen

The kitchen was the heart of Fairmile cooking meals for staff and patients, buffets for the staff dances even the staffs Christmas turkey which was brought in an taken home (good old dad).

 The original kitchen used to be in the marked areto the left of the clock tower. The Canteen was to the left of the hall in this Aeriel photo which I cropped down, I have circled the buildings.

This photo shows the staff from that time or even before and is thought to be the laundary which was not far from the kitchen
The kitchen was enlarged and modernised at some time  to cope with the growing staff and patients who were there. The kitchen you see below was at one time the Laundry and converted to a kitchen in the 1960's.  In 2010 this is how I saw the place from the loading area.
The original buildings were gone and this built probably in the 1950/60's.

This is how it looked from one of the wards.

Closer shot a moth later, on the roof you can see a huge puddle of water which leaked into the kitchen.

This was one of the corridors which led to the kitchen.

The kitchen, these would have been where the meals were put on trolly's for wheeling to various wards

The trolly's were plugged into the sockets to keep the meals warm before transporting to the wards.

 The huge canopy's here removed the steam and cooking smells from the working area.

 On the wall still hung the white board with the days meals on and times of the lunches. The black marker writing is from some of the Urbex guys who visited, no doubt even the one I heard who hid in the fridge from security.

I'd have to get this confirmed but I think this may well have been the staff canteen.

The porters lodge was next door to it

Inside were the pigeon holes for the mail that was sent round to the wards. None of these places were to survive  a lot longer.

The next time I saw the kitchen it was being demolished, the 360 making short work of it,

 It would not be long before all this would be gone.

Looking down on the building showed the roof gone and piles of material for recycling.


When I saw the canteen a while later it was in a sorry state.

A large piece of rubble like part of a chimney had come through the roof.

 I glad I was no where near when it came through.


Outside the kitchen was a pile
of rubble and just a memory.

After the first stage was developed this is what the goods area looks like and the area behind the fence is being worked on.

The corridor with the plants growing through is gone and now looks like this from the inside

and this from the outside.

This is looking down from the roof at where the kitchen and loading area used to be, I have as yet to get a photo from the other direction but I will try at a later date. I think it looks a lot better now than how I remember it.

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  1. It definitely looks a lot better Bill, I would really like to see it when finished, it's shaping up very nicely!