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Ipsden & Henley Wards

This was one of the wards my mother worked in at one time as you can see from the photo of here in the Didcot ward Blog. What you noticed about the ward was that it had wooden panelling along the corridor and a wood and glass partition to the day room, there was also an external corridor that linked it with Didcot & Faringdon wards.

This was my first view of the ward when I quickly took a photo along the corridor to the day room, note the added partition in the photo.

There was also this fireplace with what looked like a dumb waiter beside it though it was probably for storing coal in.

One of the doors lead off to the Male toilets & bathroom and the staff & female toilets which were like you see below.

Though when the false ceiling was removed you could see the original tile walls which were painted over below the added ceiling. The linen cupboards even had items on the shelves which were in packaging, and I heard later from some of the guys clearing the place that they had thrown packets of straight jackets away, was this what I noticed?

The packaged items on the shelfs in the Linen cupboard.

The one thing that struck you about the place was this view you got down the corridor to the day room, the original wood and glass partition.

Going through took you into an enormous day room with even more wood panelled walls.

The partition in the day rooms was just as impressive though being cut off at the top by the false ceiling.

Over to one side there was once a magnificent fireplace which had been taken out and replaced by some cheap piece of crap, there is even an outline above it.

One wall still had the rotor board on it

Doors had been modified from time to time with new and old signs.

Even the ward had been given a partition between the cast supports with some panels of cheap wood.

There was even an impressive door leading out outside, the stares to the left went to Henley wards an exact copy of Ipsten. The next visit I had I saw this in the day room. They were clearing out the asbestos from under the floor.

Stairwell leading up to Henley ward and a similar long corridor can be found though no wood and glass partition.

The day room looks very similar with all the wood panelling

and also the fireplace.

The odd item was still to be found laying around

and the staff board was still there and even an empty beer can in the cupboard

The original portion had been removed at some time as you can see from this photo

My next visit to Henley ward relieved that the ward was being stripped for conversion, the wood panels were taken off and put into storage.

The day room looked even bigger with no partition and the door were stood by the wall awaiting storage

The original ward was shown how it used to look when my mums photo was taken in the place.

The toilets had even been stripped leaving just a few pipes in the wall.

A few months later the long corridor to the day room looked like this, the blocks are for partition walls.

The floorboards had been lifted to replace rotten joists

 The toilet block was going under some transformation as well

 And the long connecting corridor that went from Ipsden to Didcot ward was taken down.

At the start of 2012 I popped into building as the doors were open and the painters were working and got this photo of part of the corridor which was now one of the apartments.

The next time I came back the chippy's were in fixing back the wood panels. This is looking towards where the glass partition used to be and the long corridor used to be. 

One of the bay windows now with French windows installed.

The guy's used photo's that were downloaded off the Internet to see how the panels used to look (should have asked me)  

and this is the fireplace which is at the start of the blog.

By July the place had now become the show home

The paneling had been painted but was still there.

Personally I think they did a good job of converting the ward

Ipsden Court as it is known now
and below what the link corridor that went from Ipsten to Didcot wards looks like now

I feel the place looks good now and the conversion has not detracted from what it used to look likethough I wonder what the people who used to work here think of it now

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