Faringdon Ward

This was the first ward I visited when I started my documentation of Fair Mile you always past the entrance when you went round the back by the kitchen.

My friend Nigel coming out after a mooch inside.

If you looked on the door post you would have seen these marks which were made the patents

This was the back entrance where the door is by the railings taken in 2010.

These two show the area round the back of the ward. The railings on the left were put up when one of the patients was run over and killed by a truck reversing. Which is probably why you see the sign below.

The front was accessed through here which was behind the trees on the left.

The perimiter road

Through the gate you would have seen this area though neater when the place was occupied.

This looks across the lawn at the front of Faringdon ward

This was what the front looked like.

Going inside showed how bad the place had gotten rundown in the 7 years it was empty.
This is looking down towards the day room.

The corridor  looking towards the kitchen past the bay window.

Wall painting at the entrance to the day room.

Looking back long the corridor again towards the kitchen.

This would have been the day room with chairs in and where they ate their meals.

Once the place was stripped of the later editions the ward where the beds would have been reviled itself. 

and the long corridor showed what it would have looked like when first opened

The day room also would have been a lot bigger without the partition as you can see from this photo.

Even the old toilets reviled a secret, the original ceiling was curved.

But soon the floors had been removed and work began on the new interior.

Walls began to go up

and the pillars started to disappear from view.

New joists were laid along with the waste pipes. That was the last time I saw any of the interior till the rooms were finished.

Outside the scaffold went up to remove and renew the roof.

And the extension with the service lift came down.

showing a part of the building which had not been seen in a long time.

 The lawn had gone churned up by machines, scaffold covered the building and they removed the horrible addition to the bay windows.

on both sides.

The scaffold came down and reviled a different building.

The entrance looked a lot different

The place looked like new again

Down to the new name signs for the place.

The back had changed too.

people now lived in the place.

The place was now a home and not a ward.

Curtains hung from the windows 

and you could still see the old building through the windows 

the place was now a far cry from the old desolate ward of 2010.

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