Friday, 28 September 2012

The Club

The club or Fairmile Hospital Sports and Social Club was formed back in the 1960 or at least that is when the clubhouse was built. I used to go up there at 14 as I was an associate member from the fishing club and play snooker on a full size table with my friend. The club was also used for other functions and quite often held Disco's back in the 1960's & 70's 

You could always find people having a drink at one of the two bars in the place which was kept well stocked by the steward Les Collins.

It was also popular for other celebrations like winning cups at Football or like my Parents having their retirement party there which is something to my shame I  don't have a photo of.

The club just before Christmas 2010 with all the furniture thrown out in a pile


Some of the club literature the club used to hand out to people, this was found in the  room beside the Hall

The club seen from the window in Goring ward on the 23rd December 2010

By the middle of January  2011 the place had gone.

A  couple of months later the footings had been dug and they were pouring the cement for the new building.

It was not many weeks before you started seeing scaffold going up

Then the prefabricated walls were going into place.

The top sections and insulation soon followed

and the building started looking like the flats that they were going to be.

December 2011 and the building looked like this, not much more to finish it off.

February 2012 and the place was nearly finished.

This is a view of the place where the club used to be taken from one of the buildings built on the old club and staff car park
And this is the building where the social club used to be. The club stayed popular and was open to associate members and may people from the village took the opportunity to join as one of the perks was cheep beer well at least cheaper that the local pubs. The club carried on serving even after the hospital had shut down right up to a week or so before the site was finally closed up from the public. By then new premises had been found in the form of the lounge at the Morning Star just up the road.

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