Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Forgotten Faces

I really can't write this blog and not mention Fairmiles Forgotten Faces in which I was involved with. It started out when Ian Wheeler began to look for some of his reatives who worked at Fairmile (he himself lived in one of the farm cottages) and was then given a archive of old photo's from Fairmile. I had been told he was looking for photos but the flickr ones I showed were not what he was after and after showing me one of the archive I replied I had a few as well, turned out to be about 50. An exhibition was planned and I helped out sorting through the photo's and scanned pictures people brought in. The whole thing was a great sucsess and a second exhibition was done a while later for those who could not make the first. Old friends were reunited and friendships rekindle.

The photo's shown dated back  to the early 1900's up to the 1980's with a few things that popped up which surprised me.

This guy was a patient and came up with a design for a jump jet engine years before it's time. The RAF dismissed it when they found out he was at Fairmile. 

Some of the exhibition boards in the Old School Cholsey

But the one which made me choke was the board on my Dad, Ian really did him proud I was just sad that neither of my parents were around to see it but they certainly were in spirit.

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