Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Villa

 For some reason I always thought it was a nurses home but it was used for female patents who required less supervision. The building was started around 1933 but it was not until 1935 that it fully opened. It was divided into two wards known as Kintbury and Lambourn around that time Brightwell house was built on the end for the Matron and later adminitrative staff. In the 1970's the place changed of use and had a name change to the Newlands Day Hospital which never had the same ring to it for me. The Villa was one of the first buildings to be demolished.

The Villa  probably taken in the 1970's.
Later the Villa became the Newlands Hospital

The Newlands as it became known in 2008

The Newlands in 2010 a few weeks before demolition.

Looking towards  the matrons accommodation

November and demolition is under way

With in a week of this photo the place was gone.

 And they were clearing away the debris

Soon after the first footings went in before Christmas.

Come mid January the footings were up to DPC and the support frame for the reception center was in place

 Feb 2011 and the reception are was taking shape.

May 2011 and the buildings were up to roof level.

June 2011 and the place is finished
The Villa August 2012

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  1. Very interesting to see the new place go up. I always have a twinge when I see the wrecking ball but the new buildings look very nice.