Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Geroge Schuster Ward

The George Schuster ward as it used be known was built in the 1950s and won awards for its architecture, some thought it would be saved due to this but in my opinion it was rather an ugly looking building well out of character with the area.

 I could not tell you what it was used for though I always thought it was for short term and day patients

 Inside photos show people relaxing though I have no doubt these like may others I have seen are posed by staff.

External shot taken by a member of the staff sometime in the 1960's

One of the day rooms  which looked quite sparse

One of the wards.

2008 and the place does not look so good after closing 5 years previous, Soil had been heaped up to stop travellers parking up.

September 2010 and work was about to commence on the site, the Schuster was looking worse

The covered path leading to the Main entrance

The once well kept path and lawns now well overgrown.

Inside though one of the windows. A couple of weeks after taking these photos a fence went up around the place and it's days were numbered.

Prior to any work happening I did manage to sneak in the building to get a few photos, these are a few of the ones I took.

The day room from a previous photo

One of the female wards which featured in another photo.

And this is where the people were posing in the main day room. The next day demolition started 

This is where the female ward was in previous photos

With in a week or so work stopped due to asbestos being found which was not expected.

November and work commenced, it was soon demolished.

This view is from the female ward side
This is a 360 they used a couple of implements from pecker to crushing claw and could pick up quite small items as they sifted through the debris sorting it out into recycling skips.
This was one of the last bit to go, I think it should have been left as a historic reminder.

 The site soon looked like this, the mounds of earth are still there from a previous photo.

December and the first of the footings are going in.

In 2011 the first bit of scaffold went up on what was going to be the show homes

Around May time the show home was open and they started selling the houses on Schuster close as it was going to be known, could not be anything else really.
August and the rest of the close became visible and you sere allowed to walk round
And this is what it looks like now, I'm stood near to where the second photo at the top was taken

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  1. The ward may have been an ugly building, but not half as ugly as what they've put there now. I know people need housing and I try to remeber this when I get annoyed about old buildings being knocked down for hundreds of faceless flats and houses.

    Great pictures. Something about hospitals, interesting as long as I'm not in them.

    Great post. Thank you.

    Beneath Thy Feet