Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Didcot Ward

This was what was written on the back of the photo by my Mother who is ward Sister   in the back center picture. The old lady in the front is one of the patents from the ward. What puzzled me about the picture was the pillar and in the background the building.

 This was Didcot ward party stripped and I could see no indication here it was the ward in the photo.

Going on through further still showed no indication of any pillars present what's more all the windows looked wrong I began to think they had been removed at some time and things changed. I started to think where had I seen the steel support pillars and remembered Faringdon and Ipsden wards had them.
 Looking through my Archive I noticed these pillars from Ipsden ward this could be a possibility.
Then I came across this one which shows the pillars clearly and in the background the same windows. So by my reckoning the original photo was taken just in front of the near pillar which is on Ipsden ward and the building outside the window is

the Villa or Newlands as it later became. So it looks like my mum managed to get the wards wrong on this occasion.

What was the giveaway, well looking at the paint scraped away on the pillars shows at one time it was green, the the photo you can see green pillars.

 This is the ward today you can just make out one of the pillars to the right my Mother would have been just over to the right of the photo. The second photo shows two of the pillars.

This is Ipsden ward as you see the outside today

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