Monday, 30 July 2012

The Veranda

The Veranda was a glass conservatory which was on the  end of Ipsten and Hermatage wards, and most likely used for patents to get the sun who were too ill to go out. As a youngster I remember the one on Hermitage but years later they were gone. All that was left to tell you they were there was the concrete base and in the wall the fixings where they were cut off with a cutting torch. They were not an original feature as arial shots taken from the 1930's show so they may have been added in the war or just before.

The next photo shows my Mother and a friend sat on the lawn near Ipsten Ward and clearly in the background you can see the veranda

The photo would have been taken in the 1950/60's and both of the lady's were in Sisters Uniforms before that mum was training so would have had a white one.

 Another photo showing my mother with some other nurses with the Varanda in the background

The next photo shows the veranda on Hermitage ward so it gives an idea as to what the one on Ipsten ward would have looked like.

Come 2010 the place looked very different.

The photo's show the area outside Ipsten ward and the concrete area is where the veranda stood the old entrance door is still evident

 Look closely at the walls and you can see the line where the building attached and the cut off supports.

The door looking very weather beaten

2012 and the building has taken on a different look

 The hard standing where the veranda used to be is now a garden and if you look closely you can still see where it was attached. 

And this area was where my mother and friend were sat looking rather better, I feel they would have approved.

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