Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Pavilion

The cricket pavilion looks the typical type of building you would expect in any Village and in a way that is what Fairmile was, a Village in it's own right supporting the people who live there.  I could not say when the pavilion was built but an aerial photo from the thirty's shows an orchard, there was a cricket team there in the 1920's.  Both staff and Patients teams regularly traveled to other hospitals to play sport so the place was well used. These are some photo's I have of the Pavilion, some of the photo's were taken by My Peter Smith who was one of the cricket team in the 1960's & 70's.

Taken at the Kent CC Benefit match.

The Fairmile Team

The Late Colin Cowdrey

 These photo's show that Cricket was popular with Fairmile in that they managed to get Kent CC to play benefit matches there. Many of the local lads who worked at the place were in the team.

Taken by my dad in the 1970's
30 years on and the place is looking in a sorry state.
But after some  renovation and TLC it looks better that ever.

 The pavilion was one of the original features which was saved along with the cricket oval it will be back in use again by Cholsey Cricket Club
On the 8th May 2013 ten years after the Hospital closed cricket was once again played on the pitch by Cholsey cricket club against Dorchester.
One of the Cholsey batters heading out to the wicket
 A familiar scene at Fairmile now back again
 Bowling for Dorchester
 The background has now changed from the Villa (Newlands) to the Linden reception house

With Ipsten ward in the background cricket is played again.


  1. all I know about cricket is what I just read and saw here!!

    1. It's one of those English things, you like it or not but it does have a big following.