Friday, 20 July 2012

The Faringdon Lawn

The Faringdon lawn was used for party's and also where staff photo's were taken. These are some of the photos which were taken like on the lawn there and show how things have changed.The lawn runs from the front of Faringdon ward to the 
 wall that runs in front of Ipsten Ward.

 Area between Ipsten ward and old bathrooms

Same area in 2010

 Area in 2012
Student Nurses sat in front of the side door

Same Door in 2010

Door in 2012

A tea party in front of Faringdon Ward around the 1970's

Same area in 2012
I think this was a concert put on by Cholsey Silver Band
around the 1970's

 About the same area before renovation in 2010

 Same area 2012

Mum sat on a seat in front of Faringdon Ward

 2012 my mother would have been sat in the seat
 near the tree

 The Lawn in 2012

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