Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Greenhouse

This is my  Mum and Dad the photo was taken some time in the 1940's on the front lawn. Behind you can see the greenhouse where the gardeners used grow plants helped by some of the patients.

My mum is sat in the center with her friends, they were all young nurses at Fairmile

 The area looks very different now with only the greenhouse base left. The seat the nurses were on would have been some where to the right just out of photo about center photo.

 The last four photo's were taken in 2009

This is what the area in front of the greenhouse looks like today, the seat my parents were on was probably over to the right.

This is the area today with the gate lodges renovated and the base of the main greenhouse just an outline.

 The old black and white would have been taken around here. In a few months time the lodge cottages will be lived in and the gardens you see here will  be a memory of the old greenhouses that were here.

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