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The Farm

The farm was built to not only to help make the Hospital self significant in feeding the patients, it also served towards their treatment  in giving them a purpose and work to do. They used to keep a dairy herd for milk which used to graze down by the river. They also kept pigs and had and orchard along with allotments for vegetables.  If you look at his photo you can see over to the right what looks like an orchard and garden. This picture of the Rotherfield shows areas which have been cultivated. This one shows it was an orchard as well. In 2008 this is what that area looked like devoid of anything apart from grass. this is the area to the right is where they used to keep animals at one time on the far left were storage barns  Unfortunately I have no photo's of the farm from early in the 19century so can only show you what I saw in 2008. These were the pigsties  though I would think the corrugated buildings behi

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